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Working women is an excellent database to tap to because there are many related and non related products and services that women get attracted to and purchase once they have the spending capacity. 

Currently working women are 48.1% of the general population in India. Women are also considered as 31% of the economically active individuals. Working women also earn 62% of means salary in the country for equal work. This shows that there is tremendous scope tapping such individuals with this database and this would benefit you by increasing your sales. 

Buydata currently has 22 lakh records. We help you in conducting database marketing and promotional techniques. These records can be used to tap working women on an all India B2C level. The records are clean, of good quality and are well updated. We maintain accuracy to the best possible level. These accurate records are available in good offers and deal in an excel format that is available for download. A sample database is also what we offer. We believe in selling our records at cheap and good rates to benefit you. 

Who can benefit from working women database? 

  • Slimming centres can contact working women because they have the potential to spend money over beauty and related services and as obesity and other health related problems are becoming more and more common, the applicability of slimming centres belongs to many women now.
  • Beauty parlours and salons can use this database in sending schemes and offers of their services. As they have the spending power, they can avail such services.
  • Promotional schemes done in the form of coupons can be used to attract women. These days coupons are not only physically delivered but are also delivered using websites and their apps.
  • Real estate companies can grab this opportunity by showcasing their upcoming projects to women clients. Also some benefits specially offered to women clients can be mentioned.
  • Online shopping websites often send newsletters promoting their products in various deals, offers and discounts and this creates an urge especially in women to buy online.
  • Banks can use this database by contacting working women clients in order to make them aware of their current interest rates, for credit cards, Insurances and more.
  • Health check ups provided by various hospitals and medical centres can take advantage of this database by making women aware of the possible medical conditions of women at a particular age and the kind of health check ups they offer with various schemes.

What our clients said about us?

Best Data Provider out there. Loved the accuracy and transparency. Would recommend this company.

— Pavan (Lodha Group)

The Team is very helpful and provided targeted custom data for my Campaign.

— Aakriti (HNI)

5 stars for data quality and team effort, always recommend dataprolix for better data connectivity.

— Ravi (Policy Crew)
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