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Agra is home to many heritage colleges as old as since 1850. There are more than 70 colleges that are affiliated to the University of Agra. Many private engineering and Medical colleges also have set base here.

We have 350 all India B2B records of colleges in Agra. These records are compiled and updated. Being data service providers, we believe in excellence and accuracy. Our pricing policy is flexible and comprises of deals and offer. Altogether our services are cheap and affordable. The record file is in an excel format and the sample database can also Be downloaded.

Who can benefit from colleges in Agra?

There are many marketing opportunities since there are many components once bought together make the functioning of a college effective:

  • Technology and IT companies can approach colleges in Agra to integrate their systems into a computer format. This would enable students in accessing information from another city as well. Processes like admission, form filling etc can be totally computerised with systems like ERP, SAP and more.
  • Agencies that provide college staff, cleaners, gardeners and maintainers can be benefited from this database and can help in placement of such staff.

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