B2C Database

B2C - Business to Consumer Database

Do you wish to use the power of b2c database India for your product or services marketing reach? But don’t know that having B2B Database could prove an added advantage to your marketing efforts? Do not worry we are here to give you a small explanation on how having a Business-to-Consumer Database marketing strategy can be useful for your business.  B2c database marketing is technically an agreement or a business deal that is carried out between the company and the buyer/consumer directly.  There is no middle man involved in this kind of transaction.  International companies like Amazon, Priceline use b2c database marketing for their business.  eCommerce firms in India like Jabong, Yepme are some of the companies that use Indian b2c database marketing to enhance their business.

       This type of Database is usually used by companies that deal with the selling of consumer-oriented products. Indian B2C marketing is used by various businesses in different sectors as well, like Jewellery, Makeup, Restaurants, HR, and many more.  The motto of all these companies is – directly or indirectly selling the products to the consumer by using accurate b2b database to target the relevant customers.

        But how does b2c database marketing work?  The first step in the functioning of the b2c database marketing is about acquiring good quality data. To use b2c database marketing for a particular business one should know the demand of the consumer he or she deals with or even predict the need of such customer by their age group or buying habits.  With B2c Database connecting with the consumers on a personal level not only lets you know their demand but even gives you a chance to gain feedback and improvise your product so that it is purchased more.

          The second step in B2c database marketing is creating a good attractive offer or communication content to which your targeted audiences should be tempted to respond or query about your product or services your business offers.   Some products may appeal to some consumers and for some they might not be appealing.  There is going to be no product that is going to be appealing to every single person. Different segment of consumers will revert to divergent ways of marketing methods.

             B2c database marketing works on having verified, accurate and updated data.  Here are some advantages and benefits of using b2c database for your business marketing.

  • B2c database offers you improvement in sale by providing you with the data of consumers who are or will be interested in buying your product/ services
  • B2c database can be customized and served to meet your requirements and satisfy your marketing needs.
  • B2c database gives you the possibility to optimize costs.

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