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Quality Controlled Methodology : Data. A system or process that produces high quality outcomes must be reliable.

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 The NRIs worry about the safety of investments as there do not reside in India, therefore they look for a safe investment opportunities and a reasonable chance of investment increment. 

At buydata we provide data marketing and promotional services for your company. This will help in fostering sales of your product and services. The NRI’s will become aware of the offering from your company and hence you can set an urge within them in buying your product. Promotional newsletters and smses can also be sent with the help of these records. 

Our Database records are complete and updated in a timely manner. Our executives also keep a check for accuracy .Our quality database is available in an excel format and a sample database can also be downloaded. We also offer deals and discounts for availing out all India B2C NRI database. Our services our cheap and affordable.

NRI’s or Non residing Indians are considered to have a high spending power. Though they don’t reside in India, they are very keen is availing services and products manufactured here. Their earnings are in another currency and they spend in Indian rupees, this gives them an advantage over the rest to spend more and gain a benefit on the same.

NRI’s have contributed to India’s GDP with close to $70 billion. This shows that tapping this market would be beneficial for your company since they have a high spending power and would take an extra step to transact with your company if they identify a benefit in the product. 

Most of NRI’s also considered as HNI’s settle most of their savings and investments in India because they consider greater economic stability and long term benefits. They believe in savings in the form of fixed deposits, Mutual funds, property and more.  

Who can benefit from NRI database? 

  • Companies issuing equity shares can benefit from this database as they showcase their company’s past performance, future prospects and the benefits they can achieve by investing in their companies.
  • Property consultants can contact NRI’s showing them the benefits they can attain by investing in certain properties.
  • Constructing companies can themselves contact NRI’s for pre-launch and launch of various projects.
  • Banks can use this database to urge NRI’s in maintaining special NRI accounts and investing in fixed deposits.
  • Financial institutes can benefit from this database by showing NRI’S various investment alternatives.

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