Bangalore (Bengaluru) Small Business Database

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The small manufacturing units in Bengaluru contribute to 60% of the total production that is delivered to assembly units within the larger MNC’s. Production, warehousing, distribution units are very prevalent within Bengaluru and most of them belong to the category of Small and Medium enterprises.

At Buydata , we provide data of all the small and medium businesses that exist in Bengaluru. We also give an excellent opportunity to conduct marketing opportunities wherein a tie-up or a collective set up could be possible with smaller enterprises.

We have a complete list of all the small business in Bengaluru that can help you on a B2B platform. We also provide this list in an excel format and a sample database can also be downloaded.

We stand different than other database companies in the market. We provide affordable services which are high in quality. Our services are cheap yet planned and organised. We also check for accuracy and keep our data well updated.

Who can benefit from Bengaluru Small Businesses database?

  • Those companies that wish to set up ancillary units can use this database as a road to their requirement.
  • Some companies can also associate with tie-ups whether related or unrelated products.


What our clients said about us?

Best Data Provider out there. Loved the accuracy and transparency. Would recommend this company.

— Pavan (Lodha Group)

The Team is very helpful and provided targeted custom data for my Campaign.

— Aakriti (HNI)

5 stars for data quality and team effort, always recommend dataprolix for better data connectivity.

— Ravi (Policy Crew)