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What does this Mumbai Database consist of?

It consist of all categories of B2B & B2C of Mumbai right from company database, small business database to Doctors Database and Student Database. It is one of the city which contribute around 5% of the total All India Database we offer. There are around 3 crore records available with mix of all with their contact. The file Size is expected to be approx 15 Megabytes and can be securely downloaded. Locations such as Mumbai Suburbs, Navi Mumbai, South Mumbai & Central Mumbai are covered in this database.

Mumbai is the financial capital of India, and India's most populous city. The figure recorded in year 2014 is 1,10,00,000 (1 crore and 10 lakh) and the population database is expected to rose even more in the upcoming 3 years - 2015, 2016 & 2017 and good literacy rate of 94.7%.

Who can benefit from Database of Mumbai?

As we are the best Quality Mumbai Database Provider, we are sure of the end result and it can benefit a large pool of advertisers. The city of Mumbai is also known as land of oppurtunity, the people of Mumbai are known for their fast pace life and called as mumbaikars. Mumbai also have an increasing number of local entrepeneurs and hardworking professionals between age group 20-45. Local Purchasing power index is 53 and the average salary is around 36,000 Rs.

Advertisers or Marketers from various industries such as

  • Real estate can be benefited by this mumbai database by starting a campaign for property show by either calling them or by sending smses and emails in large volumes.
  • Similarly, as mumbai has a good spending power, many big brand can make this use of this database for their brand promotions and activities.
  • Our Database of Mumbai research Shows that people spend on:
    • 36.7% on Rent
    • 29% on Groceries & market products
    • 11% on Transportation
    • 10% on Food & Restaurants
    • 5% on Clothing & Shoes

These are are a sign of marketing oppurtunities, where one can benefit they make use of our database.

  1. Mumbai spends most on studies.
  2. People of Mumbai buy the second hand mobiles.
  3. People of Mumbai buy their groceries Online.
  4. People of Mumbai buy different insurance and pension plans.
  5. People of Mumbai buy Smartphones.

Mumbai B2C Databases 

  • HNI
  • Student
  • Employee
  • NRI
  • HR
  • Teachers
  • Doctors
  • Car Owners
  • Travel Agents
  • Architects
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Lawyer
  • Graduate
  • Dentist
  • Credit Card Holders
  • Working Women
  • Insurance Policy Holder

Mumbai B2B Databases

  • Company
  • College
  • School
  • Hotel
  • Hospital
  • Jewellery
  • Restaurant
  • Real Estate
  • Small Business

What our clients said about us?

Best Data Provider out there. Loved the accuracy and transparency. Would recommend this company.

— Pavan (Lodha Group)

The Team is very helpful and provided targeted custom data for my Campaign.

— Aakriti (HNI)

5 stars for data quality and team effort, always recommend dataprolix for better data connectivity.

— Ravi (Policy Crew)