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Buydata is an online marketing database company that offer industry listing to reduce proximity between the company and its clients. In the market there are many database companies offering similar services however our high quality service and effective targeting to the select companies region is what we at buydata aim at doing. Buydata focuses primarily on generating a reach for companies. This reach helps in producing leads for the company.

Surat District is mainly occupied by a the Diamond and the Textile industry. The textile units are related with production of yarn and also manufacturing the textiles. About 45% of India’s man made fabric production is done in this city. There are a total of 385 dyeing and 42100 power loom units existing in Surat. Also the diamond industry has made its spot. 90% of India’s diamond export is done from Surat and also 90% of the worlds diamond cutting and polishing is done in Surat. So having a good surat database is always a plus for your business.

Database Quality & Pricing / Offers & Packages

The database that we offer possessive high quality and is well updated. We have a team of executives who work on this data on a regular basis and this data is accurate to the best possible level. Adding on, the data is complete and well organised. The listing is structured in such a way that enhances the usefulness of our data.

The pricing model that we have adopted as data vendors is flexible and affordable at the same time. Our motive is to provide benefit to various companies at cheap rates. The listing is provided at exciting deals and offers.

Database Marketing & Promotion by using Surat companies Data records

Promotion and marketing is done by most companies to promote sales and generate repeat customers. Marketing helps in growth of the organisation by creating leads. Marketing is only effective if there is a well segmented customer base. This customer base is adopted from the resources and the services that we provide. Also various business campaigns can be followed after adoption of company listings in Surat.

The best component of buydata’s Database service is that we provide this data listing in an excel format which means that the file can be downloaded in an easy to use .xls file extension format. Apart from this, we also give a benefit of downloading a sample database of the companies that exist in Surat. 

Who can benefit from Surat Company Database? 

Surat is a commercial hub of textile and has made a name in the diamond industry of India. Since a lot of export of diamonds is done from the District Surat, Export houses can contact various manufacturers, retailers, wholesalers within the said industry. Other textile units can also take advantage of this company listing. 

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